Ecological Settlements in Emerging Biomes


Ecological urban design studies algorithmic models of new cities in emergent biomes. It is founded on the logic that the patterns of human inhabitation are determined by the needs of the infrastructure of the ecology – designed, grown and developed as integrated natural and cultural systems, with the ambition to be resilient to change. The ecological systems are studied both as a place of mariculture production and a place of inhabitation for people. The interrelations between these parts are weaved into a multi-scalar system that actively responds to the changes of its natural environment and the demands for infrastructure and production.

Dynamic Material Systems with Advanced Digital Fabrication including Robotics


Different material systems are studied at multiple scales as model for material, spatial and systemic organization. Physical and digital computational techniques are explored to express these qualities and lead to the development of dynamic system models. With inputs from advanced fabrication techniques and tools, the development of novel material systems and fabrication techniques is enabled at an architectural scale, that respond to the dynamic changes of their environment.

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