Aysu Aysoy (M.Arch)
Adelina Koleva (M.Arch)

2018 – 19


As the sea level rises, millions of vulnerable homes will be put at risk. Simultaneously, vital coastal habitats are disappearing due to pollution and rising ocean temperatures. The domain for this thesis will focus on a coastal region in Makassar, Indonesia, where the research ambition is to generate ecologically resilient, multifunctional offshore structures for urban living. The design of these structures aims to perform at multiple scales. Firstly, it seeks to support an underwater ecosystem through a porous topology capable of occupation by marine life from the cellular level. This will provide opportunities for the structure to act as a substrate for coral grafting and as a sheltered habitat for reef fish. Secondly, the larger aggregation and distribution of these structures will be tested using fluid dynamics simulations to demonstrate resilience to wave action. The objective of these experiments will be to prevent erosion while maintaining a dynamic, living coastline. The research will further investigate fabrication processes and construction systems appropriate for the local conditions, which will inform the architectural configurations for vertical adaptation above sea level. The final design proposal will endeavour to synthesize the desired ecological and hydrodynamic outcomes with long-term architectural strategies for a changing climate.