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This pavilion is the result of a collaboration between AA EmTech programme and Hassell Studio. Titled Re-Emerge, its research agenda is situated within the framework of production in a world with limited resources. The project emphasises the pavilion’s ecological impact from the early phases of the design process onwards.

Construction waste is useful.

Wood is inherently the best bio-fabricated and biodegradable material. When a timber building is demolished after several decades, it does not produce useless waste, but generates reclaimed wood that can be re-used and re-purposed, hence becoming part of the circular economy. Re-Emerge is created with grade A reclaimed wood pallets.

Complexity arises from simplicity.

Morphological and structural complexity was adopted by the variable aggregation of similar modules that are formed by scoring and steam-bending. The modules are assembled with lap joints, diminishing the need for secondary materials in the joinery system.

The conscious attitude of the project towards the environment is maintained in its fabrication and instalment.

The employment of life cycle assessment (LCA) in our computational workflows has facilitated to take into consideration CO2 emissions associated with not only the material itself, but also its origins and transportation to site.

Third Life

At the end of its second lifecycle, part of the pavilion was erected in Hassell Studio and part of it was sent back to the timber recycling facilities where it was resourced from. The ambition of Re-Emerge is to create a strong dialogue between the local timber industry and its by-products.


The Architectural Association’s EmTech and Hassel Design Pavilion Using Reclaimed Timber | ArchDaily




Architectural Association (AA) Emergent Technologies & Design Post-Graduate Programme (EmTech) in collaboration with Hassell




Director: Dr. Elif Erdine

Founding Director: Dr. Michael Weinstock

Faculty: Dr. Milad Showkatbakhsh, Abhinav Chaudhary, Eleana Polychronaki, Lorenzo Santelli, Felipe Oeyen

Students (2020-2022): Amal Alshamsi, Amanpreet Kaur, Anna Sapountzaki, Ashwin Abraham Mukkaranath, Clinton Glen Mendonca, Eleftherios Kourkopoulous, George Junior Merheb, Jeffry Babu, Naoki Tachikawa, Nupur Gandhi, Pouyan Mohammadi, Yi Ju Lin

Students(2021-2023): Anastasiya Katliarskaya, Anna Maria Oldakowski, Baris Doga Çam, Brendan O´Rourke, Chu Zhang, Ghazal Enayati, Helen Yael Johnson, Luis Bosoms Hernandez, Manya Singhal, Maxence Fromentin, Rodrigo Maron Ruis, Yanan Guo, Yixiao Xu, Zhaoheng Chen, Ziyue Gao

Volunteers: Aditi Dora, Anushree J Bhattad, Brian Zhao, Giulliana F Giorgi, Jasmine Chung, Mahum Riaz, Tom Raymont, Peiyao Yu, Eugene Leung, Gabriella Donna, Natalia Miskelly, Shengyuan Zhang, Yee Fei Tan



Head of Design: Xavier de Kestelier

Computational Design Lead: Jonathan Irawan



Hassell, BuroHappold Engineering, One Click LCA


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