Fun Yuen (M.Sc. with Distinction)

Archit Mathur (M.Arch)

Yukie Takasu (M.Arch)

2018 – 19


This research aims to develop a multilevel open space network system in the high-density city of Hong Kong. The lack of open spaces in Hong Kong is a pressing concern as it relates to physical and mental illnesses and social isolation. Ineffective pedestrian circulation is also a contributing factor to the lack of social interaction of a community.

To address the concerns of open space deficiency and poor circulation, an urban and architectural system is designed to increase the open space area in the existing urban infrastructure. ‘Multilevel Ecology’ introduces an alternative circulation system, that comprises of a network of well connected, accessible green open spaces, creating places of social interest and interaction.

As the green open space area is increased, the irrigation demand goes up as well. To drive the city towards self-sustainability, local water harvesting strategies are adapted.

A multi-scalar approach is incorporated that responds to seasonal climatic conditions. Top-down approach at the global scale and a bottom-up approach at the local scale have been incorporated to comprehensively design spaces for the wellbeing of both the individual as well as the city.