Sri Krishna Subramanya Bhat (MSc., India)
Jia Wen Hu (MSc., Canada)
Nikolai Vladimirov (MSc., Bulgaria)

2018 – 19


This research project investigates how wood’s inherent properties can be a key factor for a more efficient approach to fabricate curved sections of timber.
This thesis documents an approach for generating effective fabrication solutions that capitalize on the research and investigation of timber’s inherent properties. The techniques and results produced in this work aim to present a modular building system which priorities the material property to enhance the relationship between material, construction, and geometry.
The process considers the proceeds derived from the physical and digital experiments enabling efficient manufacturing and fabrication of timber panels which can be articulated into a coherent building system. Experiments on the material systems’ structural performance on different levels of the projects will follow, we combine the results to develop a dynamic model which can be programmed to create a range of curvature within the system’s structural limitations.
At the final stage, the material system is applied at a component and cluster level to design timber housing units in Santiago, Chile. Research and innovation present an opportunity for new architectural spaces and geometries to be produced with timber.