High Tectonic City


Berin Nur Kocabas (M.Arch)

Debolina Ray (M.Arch)

Zhang Yi (M.Arch)

2019 – 2020


The urban development of a high-density settlement (context being Tokyo Bay) facing pluvial and fluvial flooding is addressed in the present dissertation. A resilient design approach is investigated through the generation, analysis and evaluation of an integrated hydrological system from the Bay scale to the local scale.

The Bay scale through fluid dynamic tests and water channelling strategies is ensured to redirect and dissipate maximum wave energy before letting less destructive flood water into the urban fabric at the local scale. Simultaneously, a strategy of soft landscape tissue with a combined mound and creek design in Tsukishima island as the local scale, is strategised to endure and show resiliency towards marine disasters such as storm surges and heavy rainfall.

The process explores the following equally important sub-systems: Water dissipation strategy through offshore breakwaters, channelling strategies to develop modified water network, Topography evolution/ modification for inland flood resiliency, density and program distribution with respect to context, Block morphology and building architecture for public and private spaces.