Expandable Surface System


Geometrically Pre-Controlled Structural Plywood Surfaces


Jacob Bek (M.Sc.)

Ignacio Martí (M.Sc.)

Pablo Zamorano (M.Sc.)

2010 – 11


Currently, built architectural structures and material systems rely heavily on an assembly of varying, and often opposing, systems to solve issues of performance, geometry, and structure at different scales. Adversely, performance emerges in nature from a complex hierarchy between materials and structure. Our aim is to design a material system based closer to the biological model. This model will seamlessly link form, structure, and material intelligence while informing global morphology within a geometric rule base. This process will always be closely connected to a hybrid between design processes and fabrication. We will study the relationship between embedded physical material properties and localized geometric manipulations in order to create a morphogenetic material system tested at two scales of architectural application – a self-supporting wall system and a small scale enclosure.