Elif Erdine gave a Keynote Lecture for DigitalFutures WORLD on BioDesign, followed by a short discussion on the topic with Claudia Pasquero and Mitchell Joachim.

‘Our planet is a fascinating game of complexity – a beautifully diverse world of organisms that live among us. We are deeply interconnected with other lifeforms and with non-living matter that shapes life. Our Biodesign panel investigates how humans and non-human species can not only cohabit but benefit from their mutual connections through design. We bring together interdisciplinary experts working in the field of Architecture, Urbanism, Design, and Biology to discuss how biological systems help humans to engage in the complexities of our world and forge new meaningful connections between the living and the non-living to address hidden issues in our lives, like environmental destruction, overproduction and consumption to (co-) create a better common future.’