Elif Erdine and Milad Showkatbakhsh co-authored paper titled “Rapid Deployable Shell Structures: Bi-Layer Bending Systems for Pop-Up Architectural Morphologies ” in SiGradi conference together with Puja H Bhagat, Mehul Shethiya, Gautami Bhoite.

Abstract: Architects have often employed nature as a tool for design. However, it is not until recently that nature has been examined as a system of complex mechanisms. This area of study is known as Biomimetics. This research situates itself within this field by deeply investigating one such biological system, the bi-layer bending mechanism in coiling tendrils, and exploring its relevance in architectural design. This mechanism uniquely integrates the flexibility of pliable materials with the strength of rigid materials to create rapid curling responses when stimulated. When this mechanism is translated into an architectural system, it provides the opportunity to leverage two opposing materials to create self-bending structures. Particularly, the authors found a great advantage in utilizing this system for rapidly deployable shell structures. The inventive use of this bending mechanism creates bespoke morphologies with a few simple elements, creating versatile solutions which can adapt to various conditions. Through this research, the authors investigate this mechanism in a design setting and explore its potential applications at an architectural scale. This work highlights the significance of the application of biological principles in the architecture and design discipline.

Publication link: https://papers.cumincad.org/cgi-bin/works/paper/sigradi2023_87