EmTech Design & Build 2017 – 18 addresses the themes of generative design, material computation, and large-scale fabrication and assembly technologies by incorporating 2 research fields:

  • Curved Folding
  • Incremental Sheet Forming

The design, development, and construction of a spatial structure made of complex panels / components of sheet metal in the outdoor area of AA has served as the design goal of the research aims. The research field is investigated by focusing on a combination of structural, morphological, and performance-related factors which the final prototype incorporates through material and geometrical differentiation.


Michael Weinstock, Elif Erdine, Antiopi Koronaki, Alican Sungur, Prof. Dr. George Jeronimidis
Shivani Akar
Abhinav Ranjan Chaudhary
Brittney Leigh Dillon
Miguel Escallon
Ti Long Fu
Neil Deep Singh Grewal
Alina Hramyka
Kutay Mert Kilcioglu
Carmen Cristiana Matiz
Heather McMenomy
Ekaterina Ostrogradskaya
Elisabeth Riederer
Rita Stella Roesch Diaz
Maritza Regina Rubio Martin
Anuradha Naresh Suryavanshi
Yufeng Zhai
Partners and Sponsors
Buro Happold