Cellular Reinforced Ceramics

Cellular Reinforced Ceramics: Parametric Vaulting System from a Limited Amount of Components

Juanjo González – Castellón (M.Arch.)

2009 – 2011

This proposal is focused in the design and fabrication of a parametric vaulting system by the assembly of a limited amount of ceramic components. In order to archive that, the project is deployed at 3 main areas of research:

  1. The development of a new material system that combines the outstanding properties of ceramics with aluminium honeycomb mesh reinforcement. This combination is based in the evolution of the traditional Catalan vault technique and, particularly, the works developed by the Spanish architect Rafael Guastavino and the Uruguayan engineer Eladio Dieste.
  2. The exploration of a geometrical and computational system capable to generate parametric surfaces by the combination and assembly of a limited amount of components. This system aims to achieve variation and reduce complexity in the industrial fabrication process.
  3. The design of a vaulting space that deploys, architecturally, the structural, environmental and spatial potential of the system.