Kutay Mert Kilcioğlu (M.Arch., Turkey)

Maritza Regina Rubio Martin (M.Arch., Spain)

2017 – 19


Megacities turned out into a consumption centre with the rapid growth of population and its demands. However, there is a huge potential for food production capacity in the cities which we can prevent the food shortage that is very possible to happen in the close future. In addition, the usage of that capacity will turn out the consumer population into a part of the production chain.

The aim of the project is to turn our cities into a centre of food production which will result in many new job opportunities in the city. In order to achieve this ambition, a kinetic secondary facade will be designed and agricultural properties will be added. That facade will not only be beneficial for food production but also will be helpful to reduce energy consumption by adapting itself into the changing external conditions. Improvements in comfort zone inside of the buildings will be highly considered during the design phase.

In order to achieve our ambition, we will first focus on implementing a designed facade system for existing skyscrapers. Secondly, an algorithm which adapts the system to be applicable to different scales will be generated. Finally, the results will be adapted for new construction high-rise buildings with bioclimatic principles implemented and a proposal design system established.