Saumil Nagar (M.Arch)
Media Bansal (M.Arch)
Kai Yeh (M.Arch)

2018 – 19


Desertification due to climate change and population rise has led to rampant loss of productive landscapes. Though the problem persists at a global level, efforts can be made at local and regional scales to design systems that are resilient to process of desertification.

The project aims to design one such system, the principles of which could be adopted to mitigate the instability of linear dunes in the Thar desert and allowing for productive landscapes and settlements to coexist.

Ecological sand stabilisation techniques are used to form wind deflection and building material systems that can establish a control over the sand influx in such arid biomes. As a part of the scheme, localised cementation of granular material using microbial grouts is proposed to develop underground/in-dune habitats. The morphologies of these habitats is a resultant of site study, fabrication constraints, machine tool paths and the use of environmental analysis methods.

The research is further extended to adopt the proposed sand stabilisation technique and integrate them with in-situ water harvesting system to form a holistic developmental scheme. The three interdependent systems- habitable, agricultural and hydrological work in synergy at different scales and time frames to transform expendable landform into productive landscape.