Emergence and Evolutionary Computation

The theoretical context of seminar course is presented, focused on the dynamics of complex systems of the natural world, together with an identification of the operative spatial and temporal scales of their phenomena and their critical thresholds. The interrelations of the ecological and climatic context from which cities emerged, proliferated and evolved are traced and the potential outcomes of their current and future transitions are described. The dynamics of the flows of energy, information and material through living systems, cities and their networks are outlined, and the interrelations of morphology and metabolism of living beings to the genome are explored. The once separate bodies of theories in Evolution and in Embryological Development are now integrated into the new science of Evolutionary Development (‘Evo- Devo’). The role of the homeobox genes and their relation to the ‘body plan’ in embryological development provides the conceptual agenda for the rethinking of evolutionary computation.

Students acquire experience in the use of Evolutionary Computation, develop the ability to design experiments and acquire skills in this domain, and further refine documentation and presentation skills in the studio presentations and written submissions.