Simulation Driven Design Approach
ITECH Master Studio – EMTECH STUDIO [AA School of Architecture]Collaborative Workshop 2018

Organisation: Riccardo La Magna (str.uctre), Axel Körner (itke, University of Stuttgart), Elif Erdine (EMTECH, AA School of Architecture)
Tutors: Antiopi Koronaki (EMTECH, AA School of Architecture), Philipp Längst (str.uctre), Milad Showkatbakhsh (EMTECH, AA School of Architecture)
Date: May 3 to May 5 2018
Aim of this 3 day workshop is to provide insights in the theoretical background and practical use of different form-finding and simulation methods and their appropriate use within the process of designing with material properties.
In the context of ongoing research trajectories on the topics of bending-active plate structures, compliant mechanisms and static, as well as kinetic curved-line folding in relation to fabrication methods for complex and double curved surfaces, the ITECH – EMTECH collaborative workshop focuses mainly on the development of integrated form-finding, simulation and analysis strategies. (April 2018)