Adaptive Urban Hillscapes

Exponential migration in Chinese cities brings spatial and ecological issues, affecting the population’s food and water supply. While Shenzhen city has been a migrant magnet over the past decades, concerns emerge regarding new sources of supply to sustain development. Considering the amount of territory that urban-sprawl has appropriated from hillside green areas, city planning comes today with the challenge of regaining supply sources and balancing the ecological effects of anthropogenic alteration of hill landscape. Under this scenario, the work proposes an urban system adapting its components in a synchronic way such that human activity coexists with natural phenomena, all the while taking advantage ecological forces for new sources of supply.


Xiaoxiao Luo (MArch, China)
Arshad Syed (MArch, India
Diego Valdivia (MArch, Peru)
Yue Zhu (MSc, China)