AA Istanbul Visiting School, directed by Elif Erdine, took place in Istanbul Bilgi University during 25 June – 06 July 2018. Milad Showkatbakhsh, current PhD researcher at EmTech, joined the teaching faculty, bringing his expertise in computational design and evolutionary algorithms. The programme investigated materially efficient production of doubly-curved Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) form-work for in situ concrete construction and a novel application of a patented Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) technology.

The research agenda explores methods of associating architectural, spatial, and structural criteria with a material-informed holistic approach. The digital and physical investigations are founded on Robotic Hot-Wire Cutting (RHWC) technique. The geometrical and physical principles of RHWC are transformed into design inputs, whereby digital and physical tests inform each other simultaneously. Correlations are set between form-work waste optimization with the geometrical freedom and constraints of hot-wire cutting via computational methods.

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